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We are the market leaders liberating patient and healthcare professional sentiment from social media through data science.


Talking Medicines is the market leader in liberating healthcare sentiment from social media through data science. When our curated PatientMetRx® data is combined with Drug-GPT™, the stories come to life!

Enhanced features include:

  • Drug-GPT™: Integrated GPT capability for conversational engagement with curated social data
  • Patient Journey Mapping:  Understand both Patient AND HCP experiences across a patient journey by disease state
  • Intuitive UX: Powerful tools and dashboards to illuminate actionable insights

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More efficient.
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We take the time out of manual extraction of noisy and unstructured social data sets.

Powered by next generation AI

Data science enabled by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing structures insights at scale from social media, blogs and forums.

We know medicines

PatientMetRx® is the flagship product of Talking Medicines, a healthcare focused data and technology company.





Comprehensive understanding of priority therapeutic areas

Our data science provides deep understanding of patient and healthcare professional (HCPs) experiences that enable better marketing for life science products.

The PatientMetRx® approach enables faster, better, and more actionable insights delivering greater efficiencies.

Patient Voice Whitepaper:

The Heart of Patient Centricity emphasizes the importance of listening to the patient voice and how it plays a crucial role in building a truly patient-centric healthcare system. By leveraging the unique insights and perspectives of patients, healthcare or life sciences organizations can create a more personalized, empathetic, and effective approach to care.

This white paper delves into how patient voice can be used to inform everything from clinical trial design to marketing strategies, and how it can help improve patient outcomes, increase engagement, and foster a culture of collaboration and trust between patients and healthcare professionals.