Q&A: How PatientMetRx Uses Artificial Intelligence

Feb 18, 2021

The healthcare industry continues to evolve as machine learning and AI in technology become prevalent. The integration of AI into healthcare allows for multiple benefits, including automating tasks and analysing big patient data sets to deliver better healthcare faster (Phaneuf, 2021). This blog highlights how Artificial Intelligence, known as AI, sits behind our data at PatientMetRx.

The Brain Driving Our AI Machine

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We call the “brain” driving our artificial intelligence machine “EVA”. EVA serves up patient-centric data insights for medicines on PatientMetRx.

How is Our Data Unique?

Our data is unique because of the way we find and process the patient voice using multiple data sources – such as Reddit, Twitter, Forums and Blogs, coupled to our own machine learning and natural language processing technologies. Our AI machine filters text at scale, to isolate the voice of the patient, and match that to regulated medicines.

How Does it Work?

We understand and translate how patients speak and connect it to their medicines. Our proprietary knowledge database of approved medicines is at the core of our AI machine. Our database covers clinical and packaging data on 130K UK and US medicines, which we actively keep up to date through liaison with global regulatory bodies.

Does PatientMetRx Manage the Quality of Data?


Quality is paramount from data collection through to the presentation of insights. Talking Medicines apply statistical quality control methods to ensure that high standards are robustly met for our pharmaceutical clients.

To find out more about PatientMetRx and our Artificial Intelligence machine, please request for a demo using the link below:


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