Transforming Patient Experience

Mar 24, 2021

Transforming Patient Experience


The advancement in technology and competition in the market highlights the importance of customer experience. Applying this concept to healthcare, a service provider brings forth the value of patient experience. Particularly after the Covid-19 pandemic, transformative engagement has become vital. Hospitals and clinics streamlined their interactions for improving patient experience.

While other industries focused more on customer experience to stand distinctive in the market, the healthcare industry was long focused on just better health outcomes, diagnostics, and operational standards. But after the pandemic, there has been a marked shift in delivering superior patient care experience.The paradigmatic shift focuses on patients’ concerns, expectations, perceptions, and safety.

The digital transformation of healthcare helping to boost patient experience. Happy patient is happy reviews

What has evolved in healthcare due to the pandemic:


65% of the customer indicates that their experience on the hospital website for scheduling the appointment, gaining information, and others are equal to the actual treatment. 80% of surveyed patients use online reviews as a significant deciding factor. Around 50% of the patients in a study assured that they are ready to change their insurance provider to choose a healthcare provider with better reviews.


The patients expect better experience, convenience, and a sense of accountability along with a closed-loop real-time approach. They want healthcare providers to offer quick service. Patients also expect service providers to use patient engagement technology to create a transformative effect. Automated tools like customer relationship management (CRM) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) build transparency, speed, and convenience. They also enhance communication and quality of patient feedback. For example, using deep learning and AI, a healthcare provider can analyze a CAT scan faster than humans by 150 times.

Shift to Virtual Care

The coronavirus caused a 70% cancellation of treatments due to fear of contracting the virus or other restrictions due to lockdown. According to an Accenture survey on 2700 patients, the results favor virtual care. 60% of the surveyed patients are planning to have treatment from home. Thus, if a healthcare provider cannot offer virtual care, there is a possibility of losing 60% of their customer base.

Personalised Response

47% of the participants of the Accenture study expect a personalized response. Almost half of them also want faster service. Since COVID-19 pushed several services, including transportation, into stagnation, people prefer all these from their home comforts. The only way for a healthcare service provider to offer such a service is by automation and machine learning. The use of technology could be as small as video conferencing for a consultation to remote monitoring tools with software interfaces.

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About PatientMetRx®

PatientMetRx® is an AI accelerated machine learning platform that has turned the liberation of patient sentiment on its head through data science to create a single source of truth about feelings, attitudes, and behaviors. People describe their healthcare experiences through stories on social media, interviews, and research. PatientMetRx® uses advanced data science and technology including its own specialized LLM’s (Drug-GPT™) to structure signals at scale to make the complex simple. Tracking actionable insights and mapping across the patient journey comparing HCP and Patient Voices.  Keep your finger on the pulse by putting the Patient Voice at the center of strategies. If you’re wanting to stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly changing industry then try it out today.

PatientMetRx® may be a super smart AI accelerated machine learning platform, but it’s backed by a team of human beings, passionate about putting the patient voice at the heart of healthcare.

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