The Future of Customer Services with AI

Jun 15, 2021

The Future of Customer Services with AI


Research in multiple therapeutic areas has shown that when physicians prescribe a drug, the efficacy, safety and side-effect profile of the drug account for only 50% to 60% of the physician’s choice—and that figure has declined over time. The other 40% to 50% is based on a range of physician and patient experience factors that leading companies target to differentiate their products. With that being said customer experience should always be a top focus for any business. Continual advancements in technology are giving companies additional tools and resources to transform customer service interactions, providing better response times and increased quality of interaction. Increasingly, artificial intelligence is helping companies improve customer service, improve customer loyalty and brand reputation, and enable employees to focus on higher value tasks that provide greater returns.

Percentage of respondents who agree that the best product no longer wins, innovation in the services and experience surrounding the product is more crucial

In a recent webinar hosted by Five9 featuring Karine Cardona-Smith, Senior Analyst for Forrester Research. She explained that there are a number of advantages and pitfalls when introducing AI into Customer Services and suggests 6 key steps when integrating human and AI customer service. A summary is highlighted below.

Benefits of Introducing AI into Customer Services

1. Improves customer satisfaction

2. Customises the user experience

3. Privacy concerns

4. Continuity of service without extra staffing

5. Improving operational efficiency 

6. Augment agents for better service

Common Pitfalls when Using AI

1. Lacking end-to-end journey overview 

2. Misjudging technology capabilities

3. Positioning technology as a replacement for humans

Customer frustration maze

How to Blend Human and AI Customer Service

1. Map out the service blueprint of your customer service – visible and non-visible for customers.

2. Use the five ‘whys’ technique to assess if you really need AI or automation

The five whys technique

3. Prioritise opportunities that benefit everyone

Benefit everyone diagram

4. Identify the right technology for you

5. Make emotional connection beyond empathy and a requirement

6. Align success metrics at the journey end-to-end level

Don’t ignore the way the world has changed – Consumers expect a new type of service experience.


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