Our Story: How We Became Market Leaders in Liberating Patient Sentiment through Data Science

May 9, 2023

Our Story:  How We Became Market Leaders in Liberating Patient Sentiment through Data Science 


Uncovering the Universal Truth of Patient Voice 

Healthcare marketing agencies in the life science industry face a significant challenge when it comes to uncovering the universal truth of the patient voice. With vast amounts of unstructured data across thousands of sources, sifting through even a small portion of it manually poses a challenge to producing effective patient intelligence for marketing campaigns. In this blog, we’ll delve deeper into our story and how we’re tackling this issue by being the market leaders in liberating patient and healthcare professionals’ (HCPs) sentiment from social media through data science. PatientMetRx® makes the complex simple.  

With PatientMetRx®, Talking Medicines is changing the way that the world markets drugs. PatientMetRx®, our AI driven SaaS platform provides healthcare advertising agencies with curated and actionable insights across social posts from millions of patients on prescription drugs.  

Through these insights, our client’s healthcare advertising agencies are more efficient and effective at delivering patient intelligence, cutting through the noise to get to the heart of who, what, where how and why patients and HCPs talk about their experience in the real world. But where do you start?  You start by listening! 


Understanding the Patient Journey Starts with Empathic Listening 

In healthcare, understanding the “why” is just as important as the “who, what, where, and how”. Knowing the reasons behind a patient’s actions, behaviors, and beliefs can help healthcare providers deliver more personalized and effective care. It can also help healthcare ad agencies to create more patient-centric products with their clients as well as produce more effective marketing campaigns that address the underlying motivations and concerns of their target audience. Ultimately, understanding the “why” can lead to better outcomes for both patients and healthcare organizations. People describe their healthcare experiences through stories. We liberate those voices from social posts, interviews, surveys, and focus groups, enabling empathic listening at scale. 


Stories are Difficult to Analyze 

Qualitative data, such as observations, feelings, and reactions, is typically unstructured. This lack of organization makes it hard to process, sort, and assess.  If you can’t analyze it, you can’t make it actionable. PatientMetRx® simplifies complexity through advanced data science and technology. 


We Have Done the Hard Work 

Our Artificial Intelligence models have been trained on millions of data points, automating the structuring of dense, qualitative, data, into insights that provide context for healthcare experiences.  

Whether it is patient sentiment of a particular disease, HCP perspectives on treatment related data, or anything that goes beyond the transactional aspect of healthcare, Talking Medicines can restore equilibrium in your understanding of the patient journey through the PatientMetRx® platform. 

To find out more about PatientMetRx® please get in touch with Olivia@talkingmedicines.com.


About PatientMetRx®

PatientMetRx® is an AI accelerated machine learning platform that has turned the liberation of patient sentiment on its head through data science to create a single source of truth about feelings, attitudes, and behaviors. People describe their healthcare experiences through stories on social media, interviews, and research. PatientMetRx® uses advanced data science and technology including its own specialized LLM’s (Drug-GPT™) to structure signals at scale to make the complex simple. Tracking actionable insights and mapping across the patient journey comparing HCP and Patient Voices.  Keep your finger on the pulse by putting the Patient Voice at the center of strategies. If you’re wanting to stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly changing industry then try it out today.



PatientMetRx® may be a super smart AI accelerated machine learning platform, but it’s backed by a team of human beings, passionate about putting the patient voice at the heart of healthcare.

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